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Important Tax Information

When paying the Real Estate Property Taxes by check online (online banking). Use the CONTROL NUMBER on your tax bill in the reference field or it will be returned.

Contact the tax office at 724-744-1414 if you did not receive your bill.

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Notice: Berkheimer no longer has an office in the municipal building. You can contact them through their websites or phone numbers listed below.

Berkheimer collects the Earned Income (1% wage tax).
403 S 3rd St., 2nd Floor, Suite B
Youngwood, PA 15697
Phone: 610-599-7945 or Toll Free: 866 701-7206
Fax: 610-588-5765
Office Hours: M-TH 8 AM-4:30 PM & F 9 AM-2:30 PM

Tax Collector Larry Wojcik

Local Taxes Explained

When you move into the township, you should notify him, so that you receive your bills and tax forms at the appropriate time. Phone: 724-744-1414

Notice: If 911 has changed your address, please notify Larry Wojcik's office. The taxpayer is the tax office's only source of information regarding an address change. There are still many address changes that 911 has made that have not been made at the tax office.

Mr. Wojcik collects the Local Services Tax (LST), Real Estate Property tax (for Township, County, & School District), Local and School Per Capita, Local and School Occupational Residency and ACT 679 Per Capita taxes, and the Street Light Assessment. For more information about local taxes, click here.

Amusement Device Fee and the Junk Yard License are now paid to the Treasurer of Penn Township. The Treasurer can be reached at 724-744-2171 extension 202.

Local Services Tax

All individuals who physically work within the borders of Penn Township and earn income from that work are subject to the $52.00 Local Services Tax. Unlike the previous EMS Tax, this is on all sources of earned income. In most cases, this is deducted by your employer.

There are exemptions to the Local Services Tax described on Pennsylvania's website: http://www.newpa.com/local-government/tax-information/local-services-tax. Look for the "Up-Front Exemption" and "Military Exemption."

Real Estate Property Taxes

Property taxes are assessed on any real estate held within the township. Westmoreland County/Penn Township Real Estate Taxes are due June 30, while school real estate taxes are due November 30. A discount is available if the tax is paid before the discount date noted on the bill and a penalty applies if the bill is paid late. (view FAQs about real estate taxes).

Learn about the Homestead Exclusion